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Glutamine for sugar cravings

A new tool to beat sugar cravings   “Help me reduce sugar cravings!!!”   This is one of the most requested symptoms my clients want to fix. It’s an important one to tackle as sugar cravings may indicate poorly regulated blood glucose or adrenal issues and if...

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The 5 Best Herbs for Sleep

  Judging by the length of history many herbs have with helping us to sleep, we humans have always struggled to get quality shut-eye. Although there is a cupboard full of herbs for sleep I have chosen my five favourites to share with you.   A note on safety...

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Does melatonin help you sleep?

  If you are having problems sleeping and you visit your GP, you may be prescribed melatonin. However, this may not be your first class ticket to the land of nod. Melatonin will only help you sleep if your sleep issues are caused by not having enough or not releasing...

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