Skin conditions

Naturopathic treatment of skin conditions


Have you got a difficult, stubborn skin condition?

Tried medications and every topical product available but nothing has given lasting results?

Our skin is the most visible part of what we show to the world. Chronic skin conditions can erode your confidence, create anxiety and lead to social isolation. They are also irritating and painful.

Chronic skin conditions are complex.

There’s not a magic bullet, simple answer. I wish there was.

Things I hear from my clients

  • I’ve tried so many topical products, facials and treatments. Things seem to work for bit but then it goes back to how it was before. I want lasting changes.
  • I’ve been on the Pill (oral contraceptive pill) for acne but I’m scared when I come off the acne will come back.
  • I’m at breaking point seeing my child in pain from her eczema. I don’t want to continue to use steroid creams on her skin but I don’t know what else to do.
  • My skin used to be fine but since I had kids I’ve noticed these red patches on my face. Now I feel like I need to wear makeup all the time.

Skin conditions treated

woman with jawline acne naturoapth skin conditions


Acne is an inflammatory skin disease involving the sebaceous glands. If these glands become blocked they can develop into pimples, cysts or blackheads. It is commonly found on the face, chest, back and buttocks.

person scratching hand eczema naturopath skin conditions


Eczema affects the dermal layer of the skin. The skin appears dry, red, inflamed and swollen and may be very itchy. The itchiness and irritation, lead to scratching which can cause the skin to become cracked. This may lead to bacterial infection.

woman with rosacea on cheeks and nose


Rosacea is a chronic skin disease causing redness, sometimes with pimples around the centre of the face and eyes. It can also be on the scalp, ears and neck.

Psoriasis skin condition on knee


Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition characterised by well-defined, silvery, scaly plaques.


How does naturopathy treat skin conditions?

Problems with skin are often a sign of a deeper imbalance in the body. At Your Remedy Naturopathy we look “deeper than the dermis” to identify and treat the underlying cause.

Digestive function

  • How you break down and absorb food?
  • Do you have a healthy gut bugs?
  • How well are you detoxifying?

Your diet

  • Evaluate your current diet and make sure you are optimizing nutrients needed for healthy skin
  • Remove/reduce inflammatory foods

Stress management

  • Practical strategies you can use to build resilience

Hormone balance

  • Support a healthy hormone balance

Immune support

  • Investigate environmental allergies,
  • Identify and address food sensitivities
  • Address autoimmune drivers

Other considerations

  • Exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals

 Once we get to know you and understand the details of your health an individualised treatment plan will be created.

Woman with clear skin

Frequently asked skin questions

You can also find general FAQs here.

How long will it take?


This is difficult to answer, as every case is unique. Treating the underlying cause of a skin condition often involves changes to diet and lifestyle and each individual will have a slightly different capacity to implement these recommendations depending on their circumstances.


With chronic skin conditions I generally advise only small changes may be experienced in the first month of treatment. However, sometimes people do experience quick positive shifts! More changes are noticed around the 3 -6 months.


The important point is when treating the root cause of an illness is that it should stay resolved after treatment is finished. The aim of Naturopathy is not to create dependency on long-term use of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.


Your progress is important to me and we will review this at each consultation to ensure we are moving forward.


How much does an appointment cost?

Consultations are priced per appointment so you only pay for what you need. No lock in contracts. Current pricing is available on the Book a consult page.

For skin condition I generally recommend at least 3 appointments. One to take a detailed case and develop a treatment plan and two to review treatment progress and provide detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Selection of herbal medicine for skin conditions

Are you ready for healthy skin?

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