Sleep and insomnia

Natural sleep solutions – treat the underlying cause of your insomnia


Are you getting less sleep than Las Vegas?

Life is busy and stressful.

How do you find enough time to manage your career, be there for your family and fit in a social life?

Prioritising time for quality sleep at the expense of these can leave you feeling guilty.

There’s always so much to do.

I hear you. I’ve been down this road myself with long work hours, racing around on weekends to fit everything and everyone in as well as studying.

It would take me over an hour to get to sleep, or I would wake up at 3 am and not go back to sleep until 6:00am, just before the alarm clock went off.

I was irritable, anxious; craving sugar, gained 10 kilos and my brain felt foggy.

Sound familiar?

Better sleep is possible

Imagine going to sleep easily, sleeping deeply through the night and waking up feeling amazing and ready to take on the world. It is possible.

I’m here to make sleep your superpower.

I know how good sleep feels and I want that for you.

Naturopathy can help insomnia and sleep issues

What to expect in a consult

  • Detailed analysis of your current sleep patterns
  • Determine your optimal sleep hours
  • Health history
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Lifestyle

You’ll get

  • A personalised sleep plan
  • Advice on creating a daily “wind down” routine
  • Advice on diet and nutrition to support sleep
  • How to create the right sleep environment
  • Tune your circadian rhythm
  • How to avoid things that sabotage your sleep

Why sleep matters

Sleep is important. Along with oxygen and food, it’s a fundamental need.

If you don’t sleep, you die.

You need sleep to repair and rejuvenate the cells in your body. Want better skin and fewer wrinkles? Bin the expensive skin care and invest in your sleep.

You need sleep to have a healthy heart.

Sleep regulates hormones and blood sugar. Want to bust those sugar cravings and lose some weight? Get sleeping!

Want to banish the brain fog and reduce your risk of dementia? Yep, gotta get in those ZZZ’s in.

Aside from all this, a refreshing night of sleep just feels so damn good! It’s gold. In fact, it’s better than gold.


Make sleep your superpower.

Are you ready for better sleep?

Let’s get started.

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Hello there,

I'm Norelle Hentschel.

I'm an experienced Naturopath with a clinic in Crows Nest, Sydney. I've helped many people improve their health. I'm ready to help you feel better and regain your energy and vitality.

With sleep in your corner, you can win at life.

Amy Pohler