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A guide to using herbs for acne

    Herbal medicine has much to offer acne sufferers. Used internally as either tincture, teas or tablets herbs help rebalance and tone body systems correcting the underlying drivers of acne.   Traditionally herbs supporting digestion, detoxification...

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What diet is best for acne?

Diet as a foundation for healthy skin   Healthy skin comes from within. Your diet can be your skin’s best friend or worst enemy. The relationship between diet and acne is the subject of heated debate in both research and clinical circles.   Changing what you...

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Acne: What is the underlying cause?

Discover what drives your acne and get clear skin   Acne is an inside job (mostly) and to get clear, glowing skin we need to go “deeper than the dermis”.   If you're a woman between 21-30, there's a 45% chance you'll have acne. It doesn’t completely...

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Healthy coleslaw with tahini dressing

  Coleslaw is a classic summer salad. The version of my childhood has a thick, gluggy mayonnaise dressing often made with all sorts of less than desirable ingredients. Anyone remember those salad bars in the supermarkets?   Coleslaw comes to us from the...

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Meet the herb: Mistletoe

  Mistletoe (Viscum album) brings to mind Christmas canoodling but it has a history that reaches back to the Celtic Druids.   What’s in a name? The origins of the word mistletoe are somewhat less romantic. Some etymologists believe it originates from the old...

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11 ways to naturally lower cortisol

  Are you: Tired and fatigued during the day but can’t sleep at night? Gaining belly fat? Constantly getting sick? Having trouble concentrating? Wondering where your sex drive has gone?   If you answered yes, to most of these questions your cortisol might be...

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Is stress making you sick?

Stress versus immunity A case of corporate burnout - Emma's story Emma**, a 38-year-old successful business executive who frequently travelled for her work was continually getting sick. She’d barely recover from one head cold before getting hit with the next. Even...

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Reflux: natural treatments to banish the burn

Acid reflux, also known as heartburn or indigestion, is a common digestive complaint. It occurs when the acidic contents of the stomach backflow through the lower oesphageal sphincter (LOS). The LOS is a circular muscle, which under normal conditions prevents the...

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