Christmas is coming…

It’s that time of year again. Peace, joy and ….. running around like mad buying presents, catching up with friends and attending a multitude of Christmas parties. The period leading up to Christmas can be frantic – usual healthy routines fall by the wayside in the rush to fit everything in.


Help is at hand.


Here’s what I consider my essential herbal and nutritional support tools to guide you to the calmer waters of Boxing Day.



Magnesium helps to keep you calm, reduce irritability and get a good night’s rest. Get some powdered magnesium and spike everyone’s drink with it! (Just kidding!)


B vitamins

B group vitamins are essential for making energy, a commodity highly in demand at this time of year. They’ll also support sleep, stress, digestion, and if you’ve been buddying up to the booze, can support your liver.



If there’s one herbal tea to have on hand make it chamomile. It will calm a bloated belly and help your slumber. The cold tea bags reduce under eye bags.



Dandelion root tea can ease a hangover by improving liver detoxification. It will also help you digestive the rich Christmas food.


Aloe Vera

If you haven’t “slip, slopped slapped” as well as you should, cooling, moisturising aloe vera gel applied to sunburnt skin can give blessed relief. It is also useful for reducing the itch of mosquito bites.


Lavender essential oil

Not only is lavender relaxing to rub on the temples to help you drift off into a deep sleep, it can also be dabbed on bites and stings and even rouge pimples.



Calendula cream is useful to have on hand to help heal any minor cuts and grazes. The cold tea can help ease minor sunburn.


Psyllium husks, ground linseed or slippery elm

With all the Christmas fare on offer, it’s easy to drop back on the fibre. Taking a daily fibre supplement keeps your bowels regular and your good gut bugs happy.


Sandalwood sticks

It’s fun spending time in the outdoors. It’s not so much fun being attacked by insects and mosquitos. Burning sandalwood sticks can help deter them. I’ve found getting them burning before the sun goes down gives the best result.


Emergency essence/rescue remedy

If it’s all becoming too much, a few drops of these flower essences can bring you back into calm.


** Before taking any new herbs or vitamins check with your health professional that they are right for you.


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