Naturopathic treatment for acne


Do you want to live your life without worrying about acne?

Are you checking the mirror first thing in the morning to see how bad the acne is today?

You feel like acne defines you.

Having acne can wear you down. You’re sick of feeling embarrassed and self conscious. You avoid having your photo taken. Some days acne makes you depressed, anxious and angry.

You’ve tried so many treatments – washes, peels lotions, pills, and protocols and nothing has helped. Oh, they might work for a while, but when you stop using them the acne comes back.

It’s frustrating but it’s not your fault.

Deeper than the skin

To get long lasting results we need to find and fix the underlying problem. We need to get personal, we need to really get to know you and understand the your unique circumstances. This is not a one-size fits all kind of approach.

Naturopathic treatment looks deeper than the skin to understand what combination of factors are contributing to your acne.

What’s causing your acne?

Benefits of working with a Naturopath


  • With a 75 minute first consult, we have the time to go deep into your health history to find the root cause of your acne
  • Comprehensive, customised treatment plan that eliminates the underlying cause so can you wave goodbye to acne
  • Expert clinical advice from an experienced Naturopath so you can stop wasting money on treatments that don’t work
  • On going education and support to help you maintain healthy, clear skin
  • Access to functional testing to explore hormone balance and gut health if indicated
  • High quality herbal medicines and nutritional supplements

Meet your Naturopath

Norelle Hentschel is an experienced Naturopath and Herbalist who has helped many of her clients overcome hormonal acne and get healthy skin. She offers 1:1 consultations from her clinic in Crows Nest Sydney.

Are you ready for clear skin?

Let’s get started.

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Frequently asked acne questions

You can also find general FAQs here.

How long will it take?


This is difficult to answer, as every case is unique. Treating the underlying cause of a acne often involves changes to diet and lifestyle and each individual will have a  different capacity to implement these recommendations depending on their circumstances.


With chronic acne, I generally advise only small changes may be experienced in the first couple of weeks. However, sometimes people do experience quick positive shifts! More changes are noticed around the 1-3 months.


The important point is when treating the root cause of an illness is that it should stay resolved after treatment is finished. The aim of Naturopathy is not to create dependency on long-term use of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.


Your progress is important to me and we will review this at each consultation to ensure we are moving forward.

How much does an appointment cost?

Treatments are priced per consultation so you only pay for what you need. No lock in contracts. Current pricing is available on the Book a consult page.

For acne I generally recommend at least three appointments. One to gather detailed information on your health and develop a treatment plan and two follow ups to review treatment progress and provide detailed diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Will I have to go on a restricted diet?

No, I’m generally not a fan of restrictive diets (unless there is a medical reason for doing so such as coeliac disease) as they aren’t something most people can maintain.

This doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want but the focus will be on making sure you’ve got a healthy, nutrient packed diet which suits your lifestyle and budget.

Do you use topical treatments?

I may recommend topical treatments which other clients have found beneficial but I’m not a dermatologist and my focus is on the internal factors which contribute to acne.

Will my acne flare when I stop the contraceptive pill?

It’s a valid concern and, yes, this does often happen. However, I do find this can be minimised by starting treatment before stopping the Pill.

Are you ready for clear skin?

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